OT quiz with ANSWERS

Subj: Quiz - try this What did Darwin think was the most peculiar human expression ?
yawning laughing crying blushing frowning
Teacher John Scopes was involved in the famous 1925 trial to his approach to what subject
mathematics geometry English Lit Biology Science
Which radio show jumped from Radio in 1945 to TV ?
CBS news Meet the press The tonight show Today Show
When an employer hires a rival company's employee -as in eggs what are they doing ?
Scrambling Poaching Frying Boiling
Which of these sports originated in the USA ?
Tennis Golf Basketball Soccer
In the equation 2x+1=9 what is the X ?
Divisor variable quotient multiply
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - What former pres was eating souffle with Laura when Obama called to say Ben Laden was dead ?
Geo H Bush Jimmy Carter Geo W Bush Bill Clinton
Who is the only athlete to appear on the label of Italian food product Nutella ?
Jimmy Johnson
Shaquille O Neil
Kobe Bryant
Alex Rodriguez
Which King is shown with an Ax instead of a sword in a standard deck of playing cards ?
Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spades
blushing biology meet the press poaching basketball variable GW Bush Kobe Bryant <*he grew up living in Italy> King of Diamonds
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