OT - Powergenix AA battery thoughts

I've got a few Powergenix, and the charger to go with. Seem to be sold only in AA cells. But, that's fine. I use a lot of AA cells.
Problem is, that once in a while a device (digicam, flash light or PC speakers) I'll notice the device is going weak. Turns out that one cell is dead, the other 1 or 3 are fine.
The company did write back, if the cell is less than 1.1 volts, it's probably permanantly damaged.
Yesterday, I opened a pack of 8 cells that I'd bought off Ebay, maybe a year ago. Three of the cells were DOA. Perhaps those are not going to be very good as batteries? Maybe they don't keep a charge for a year?
What's anyone else's experience?
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