Noisy vibrating pipes from lawn sprinkler water pump

I have had a lawn sprinkler water pump system for the past 20 years. The pump is installed in my basement, but it uses water from a well (the rest of the house uses city water). It has worked without a problem until I recently had a new water well installed with a new water pump. Since then, every time the sprinkler system is turned on, it makes a continuous loud rushing noise through the pipes which I can hear throughout the house. When I put my hand on the pipe, I can feel it shaking fairly strongly.
When the new well was installed, the size of the pipe drawing the water from the well was increased by about 1/2 inch diameter (to 1 1/2 inches). I am still using the original pipe that connects it to the sprinkler system (about 1 inch diameter). I am wondering if this may be causing the problem. My contractor who installed the system says he cannot do anything about the noise. Do you have any ideas about what I might be able to do to solve this problem? Changing the piping would be a very big job, so I want to see if there is anything else I can try first.
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