New Generac Liquid Cooled Generator discharges batteries

On Monday, September 23, 2013 5:21:53 PM UTC-4, jamesgang wrote:

There is. Which is why the statement from the tech that "vapor lock prevented the generator from charging the battery is really dumb.

The battery should never really get low, because the charging circuit provides DC power to the generator electronics when house AC is up. The battery only supplies power when the AC voltages goes away.

And if that tech/company can't give satisfaction, then I'd be all over Generac to get me to another dealer for the warranty work. But given what I've seem from most of the reviews of Generac whole house generators, there are a lot of very unhappy customers out there with systems that are pissed off at Generac.
Even for this guy here, what an experience. You pay $$$$ for a system that is supposed to be there in emergencies. Yet, it's dead on it's own in a week. Even if they fix it, doesn't leave you with a lot of faith in how reliable it will be when you need it.

I would not put a bandaid on a brand new standby generator that cost him thousands of dollars. Once you start bandaiding it, what do you think the company involved is going to say when there is a further problem, like maybe the main control board blows up? Very easy to then try to blame it on the customer modification and deny the warranty claim. Plus, a battery tender raises it's own problems, like extension cord to somewhere to plug it in, etc. This most likely is just a bad module that needs to be replaced.
You would think just hooking up an ammeter in series with the battery would be a quick test to see what's happening. If it's working properly, you should see no current flow out of the battery, maybe a small current flowing in. If it's broken like we all seem to agree it is, then you'd see a small current flowing out which is powering the generator electronics and draining the battery over time. Also if there is no charge ever going into the battery, each time it starts, which is typically weekly to do a short test run, it's also draining the battery.
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