new deck boards needs powerwashing?

I have 2 questions regarding my deck:
1)I replaced all of my 2X6 PT deckboards with new ones. I will be
staining with Cabots transparent oil-based stain. I know I have to wait
a month for the lumber to dry out but do I still have to powerwash
these new boards before applying the stain?
2) I am not replacing my railings as they are in good shape. They have
old stain on them. Will powerwashing be good enough to remove the old
stain so I can put the Cabots stain on them? Or do I need to sand?
As always, thanks.
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deckboards, no powerwashing needed. just make sure there's no caked on mud or bird mess, etc. you know, the usual stuff. for the railings, it depends. how long has it been since you stained them? have they weathered? that's usually what the powerwasher is for, stripping away the gray weathering. just keep a steady hand so the new stain doesn't look splotchy.
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