I am replacing a large 1980s rotted, not to new code, and termite ridden deck.
At first I used Pt for everything because it is cheap. AFTER research in deck
magazine, fine homebuilding, and Simpson strong tie, and noticing the rot in the
old pt wood and not in the old redwood, I changed to cedar deck boards. Cedar
has to be sealed on all 6 sides before installation immediately. It comes kiln
dried and mine came with anchorseal on both ends. COMPOSITES Are know to warp
and look cheap. Pt metal connectors (required) have to be either stainless steel
(expensive) or galvanized with waterproof membrane joist tape (expensive)
between the connector and the Pt wood. The new pt wood destroys galvanized
metal. STUDY the idc chapter 507, decks from 2015 and 2018 before rebuilding
your deck. Also watch the videos from finehomebuilding and Simpson strong tie.
Buy a copy of Professional Deck Magazine. Btw, my old joists are 16" on center
so I had to use 2X 6 not 5/4 deck boards. If you are installing new joists 12"
on center you can use 5/4 but it still will not be as strong or long lasting as
2 x 6. MY estimated cost for cedar, metal hardware and deck screws is 12,000.
including 2 sets of stairs and stair railing. The estimate from the deck company
was 50, 000 to redo the entire1100 sq Ft deck with stairs and railings. Do it
slow and do it according to the new prescriptive code and you will have a safe,
beautiful, rot free deck for many years with maintenance and cleaning. good luck
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I recently went through this process here and chose Trex. They still use pressure treated underlay and posts. Railings are PVC. I figured Trex had the highest experience of all the composites and initial problems have been fixed. My son's father in law recently replaced his Azek deck with Trex because of warping.
My deck is far smaller than yours and total cost was less than your cost of materials. I suspect the $50,000 is far too high and I would get more bids. We got 4. I rejected the lowest bid because he was going to skirt the county permit rules although it would have been code and I saw a deck that he did for a friend and it looked good. County did raise my taxes about $10 a year and inspector lied to me that they wouldn't.
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