New asphalt shingle roof - some nails showing

On Sun, 20 Nov 2005 21:26:18 GMT, "Doug Kanter"
: :> : :> :> I'm having trouble finding an inspector. :> : :> :<snip> :> : :> :You were given a couple of suggestions that should have worked: :> : :> :1) Call a major real estate company like Century 21 and get the name of :> an :> :inspector. When people buy homes in your neck of the woods, do they make :> the :> :purchase offers contingent on inspection? There *have* to be inspectors. :> : :> :2) Buy a SPOTTING SCOPE, even a cheap one. Use it to see the problem from :> :ground level. That may alleviate the fears some people are having. :> : :> :Have you tried either of these two things? :> : :> I called two major real estate firms' offices in my town, Berkeley, CA: :> :> Prudential :> Coldwell Banker :> :> Prudential recommended a guy and he's the one who said he wasn't up to :> doing an inspection. Nice guy to talk to, though. :> :> Coldwell Banker had a lot of ideas and the first one that came to her :> mind was the one I had already called, my high bidder, whose bid looked :> very fancy with a big yellow sticker sayind "Sign here." That's the guy :> who said he'd do the inspection and then seemed to chicken out. :> :> The spotting scope seems a little far fetched. I have a tripod, and :> maybe it would work, but I don't know where I'd get that. A big sporting :> good's store? A gun shop? I figure I should have the roof inspected by :> someone who's not afraid to climb up there in the first place. What :> benefit is it for me to have some coward looking through a spotting :> scope. An inspector should be willing to get up there. If it's a :> municipal inspector and he won't, why should I be wanting to impress him :> with what he'll see with a scope? I don't want to get the municipal :> inspector's involved in this. I want to keep a low profile with those :> guys. Like a friend of mine said, I don't want to get on their wrong :> side. :> :> Dan : :Yes. Gun shop or sporting goods place that sells guns. After you're done :with it, you can use it to watch wildlife or neighbor ladies undressing. An :inspector doesn't need to see the brand name stamped into the nail heads - :just that there are nails showing. As far as inspectors, I can't believe :that in & around Berkeley, there are no inspectors willing to climb a :ladder. It's not like you live in some little hamlet 500 miles from the :nearest supermarket. Hit the yellow pages and keep trying.
Yeah, you've got a point. I'm going to be out of town for the holiday, but I could do it the following week. Meantime, maybe I can get an appointment set up tomorrow. Thanks.
Come to think of it I have a feeling that some of those nailheads can be seen with my small Nikon binoculars (8x23). I just went out there are some of the nails are clearly visible, at least the side that's getting direct sun. I spotted a real bad one I missed before, in fact. :
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