My clocks are gaining 2min/hr!

Just as another odd entry to confuse the situation. I have had several *battery* powered clocks, that ran fast as the batteries went dead. the weaker the battery, the faster the time was just before the battery went completely dead and wouldn't make it run anymore whatsoever. Can anyone help explain this?
If the time keeping is very important to you, I suggest a watch. A decent one. And LED clocks run on batterey power. keep a supply of batteries handy for each.
Battery powered clocks can run poorly for a long time with an almost dead battery, so changing them occaisionally (or going through the trouble to check the battery out ) will almost eliminate inaccurate clocks, provided they are accurate at purchase.
Also, since you do have power for now, it might not hurt to buy a set of nimh batteries and keep 'em charged.
good luck.
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