Multiple Thermoatats & Multiple Baseboard Heaters

I searched but didn't find the right answer so I apologize if this is a
When wiring multiple baseboards on 1 circuit with each having it's own tstat
where do you junction the line wire? Does it matter?
Here's my example with 3 locations for wiring. One is already wired, one will
easily be run due to exposed walls and one will be some demo to the drywall. Can
I pigtail off of the line currently running into the existing tstat box to
branch out to a new tstat/heater location? The other tstat/heater wiring my plan
is to break the line in the workroom to install a j-box and run a branch over to
the other bedroom through the exposed ceiling/walls. Does this make sense and
sound reasonable? My biggest question is where I can junction the wires.
This will be a total of 14.7 amps on a 20a/240 using 12/1.
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It better be on the hot side of any existing thermostat, that's for sure.
Yes, provided there is enough room in the box, you don't exceed the allowed fill.
The other tstat/heater wiring my
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