Maytag food disposer repair

Hello all,
Our Maytag food disposer (garburator) model # sdp9000aax (barely 7 years old) broke down with the motor continually running. No problem, I figured out that the integral switch within the sink cover was stuck in the "on" position.
I took the disposer apart. The switch was stuck in the ON position because the seal that prevented water to exit at that point (switch depressor) was eroded to nothing. Water was flowing freely into the switch assembly and eventually jammed it in the ON position.
No problem once again. Order switch, replace switch, reassemble unit: case closed.
The switch is sold for a healty 75$us, 125$cdn !!! Now there that is a problem. And we collectivelly wonder why North America is going bankrupt! I suppose we do not purchase enough of these items.
I went to a local electronic parts shop found the exact same switch (15 amps/110 volts) for 2,45$ (made in the USA NOT China.) Go figure. It turned out that the corrosion that developped without our knowledge during the extended period made the mounting structure around the "switch depressor" too leaky.
I "condemmed" the cover switch depressor with silicon to waterproof and simply installed a standard rocker swich on the side with the wiring coming out from a hole drilled through the stainless shroud.
Works like new except for the fact that we must open the cupboard to turn the garburator on. Initial reception by spouse improved by cost issue divulged! The repair people had the unit "scapped" because of the switch cost along with the main structure that was corroded by the switch depressor.
Hope this helps someone soon!
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