Local Repair/replacement of leaking double-glazing?

We have double front doors and sidelights with double-glazing (perhaps 30 years old), but one sidelight is the only one without signs of leakage. In addition, most of the external hard plastic rims that hold the glass in the door are cracked.
The manufacturer (http://www.peasedoors.com ) is still in business and sells replacement glass assemblies and rims as sets, but they seem expensive: $249 for each of the doors and $173 for each of the sidelights; this is for glass with a pattern similar to what we have now but not identical; our pattern seems to be no longer available. Unpatterned glass or glass with a simpler pattern would be cheaper; e.g., $159 and $89 respectively for plain glass. But maybe I am out of touch with prices; perhaps the prices are not outrageous: the double-glazing assemblies in the doors are 22" wide x 64" high, those in the sidelights 7" wide x 64" high.
Pease does sell the rims separately but claims that a rim-and-glass set is not much more expensive than the rim alone. I do not have prices for the rims separately, however, so I don't know what the real difference is.
OK, here's the question: assuming that the rims on their own are not outrageously expensive, how satisfactory might it be to
(a) buy suitable double-glazing assemblies locally? -- but either plain glass or a different pattern.
(b) get the current double-glazing assemblies rebuilt locally, thus retaining the pattern?
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