List of Eclipse TS and Repair Links

Various links I have collected in troubleshooting & repairing ECU and various sensors & wiring to all my buddies at these 3 newsgroups who have helped me out a LOT and other folks looking for info on Eclipse projects....
I'm still looking for a 1G (1990) ECU schematic if some can post a link or (for shy fellers) send me an email at (pls remove YOUR HAT first!). If you're sending an email, pls let me know by posting here first.
Note to folks -- if you're not into fixing cars, pls just ignore this. I know that group is mostly for work around the house, but I have heard more from folks there than at all the auto groups combined.
== circuit-card For 90-91
Recommended Links from ATDSM:
Extreme PSI
JNZ Tuning
DSM Link/ECM Tuning ** ECU repair, upgrades
Typical ECU repairs info and photos:
AEM Forums
== LInk index - connectors, etc.
== Wiring harness gine-control-wiring-harness.html
Links on that page:
A-08: Dual Pressure Switch A-09: Wiper Motor A-10: Control Wiring Harness and Battery Cable Assembly Combination *A-11: Auto-Cruise Control Vacuum Pump A-12: Brake Fluid Level Sensor A-13: Control Wiring Harness and Solenoid Valve Harness Assembly Combination A-36: Air Flow Sensor A-51: Waste Gate Solenoid A-52: Control Wiring Harness and Engine Compartment Wiring Harness Combination A-53: Control Wiring Harness and Engine Compartment Wiring harness Combination A-55: Fuel Pump Check Connector A-56: Noise Condenser A-57: Defogger Relay A-58: Injector Resistor Pack A-59: Engine Speed Adjustment Connector A-60: Ignition Timing Adjustment Connector
*B-00: Noise Filter (for Tachometer) B-01: Injector No. 4 *B-02 & B-05: Throttle Position Sensor and Idle Switch B-04: Idle Speed Control Actuator B-06: Injector No. 3 B-07: Detonation (Knock) Sensor B-08: EGR Temperature Sensor B-09: Injector No. 2 B-10: Injector No. 1 *B-14: Ignition Coil (Coil Pack) *B-15: Power Transistor Unit B-16: A/C Magnetic Clutch B-26: Oxygen Sensor B-29: Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge Unit B-30: Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (for ECU) B-31: Engine Coolant Temperature Switch (for A/C) *B-32: Crank Angle and Top Dead Center Sensor (Cam Angle Sensor, CAS)
C-56: Oxygen Sensor Check Connector C-57: Control Wiring Harness and Body Wiring Harness Combination (1-pin, passenger side kick panel) **C-58: Control Wiring Harness and Body Wiring Harness Combination (14-pin, passenger side kick panel) C-59: Control Wiring Harness and Body Wiring Harness Combination (6-pin, passenger side kick panel) C-63: MPI Control Relay C-64: MPI Control Unit (ECU, small connector) C-65: MPI Control Unit (ECU, medium connector) **C-66: MPI Control Unit (ECU, large connector) **C-67: Control Wiring Harness and Body Wiring Harness Combination (under center console)
The wire color layout diagrams accompanying each picture are as seen FROM the HARNESS SIDE of the connector with the release tab (for a male side connector) or locking notch (for a female side connector) on top. They should be color coded correctly, but if there is a disagreement with the letters and the color of the letters, go by the letters. When two colors are listed together, the first is the main color and the second is the color of the stripe or tracer. The letters represent the following colors:
B - Black W - White R - Red G - Green L - Blue Y - Yellow O - Orange Lg - Light Green
== download-1g-service-manuals.html
Download the 1G Service Manuals 1G DSM Technical manual dtm 1G Engine/Chassis/Body 90-91ecb 1G Electrical 90-91el
== Identifying ECU Pin Numbers cu-pin-numbers.html
== 1990 Laser Talon Manual
Free version
Saved as 1990TechManual.pdf this folder
== Electrical Links to Procedures & Info
Capacitor R/R
Installing MSD - Tach
Radio/speaker wiring
Fuel Pump Relay
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