Lead Paint Regs

Huh?? Even despite contradicting even contemporaneous accounts, never mind history, that doesn't make sense logically. In many ways, an empire functions from the bottom up - even if the upper classes were having some level of brain damage from ingestion of lead acetate, there are a lot fo people in the lower classes still doing things as they'd alwasy doen, IOW, in ways that had worked for hundreds of years.
Again, I don't know how much lead dissolves in average (i.e. undistilled0 water, but the thinking is that the highest lead levels occurred in those who were ingesting luxury foods, a category whihc includes specially- prepared sweetened wine and foods (i.e. sweetened with the syrup that was created by reduction of the solution created by heating wine with lead).
OTOH, you're more than welcome to start ingesting as much lead as you wish, if you *really* want to prove your point. MEanwhile, the effect of lead poisoning was well-known to the Roams, and their successors (such as Lucretia Borgia); additionally, in more recent times, the effect of lead upon the neurological development of children has also been studied and is well-known. So take all the risks with your own health taht you wish - meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to try to avoid ingesting lead.
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