Kenmore compact refrigerator not cold

I moved my 3-yr old Kenmore 4.4 cubic ft. compact refrigerator to
bathroom to defrost. Now it is not cold after I moved it back with
power on. I turned it to max for coldness; the compressor seems to be
working (normal noise) but it is not cold at all. There is no built-
in fan in this unit. Please advise.
thank you!
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Turn it off. Let it stand for some 8, 10, even 24 hours, then try it again. Never move it while running as the compressor oil is now where it should not be. It may run back down, or it may not.
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Edwin Pawlowski
Sorry I did not make it clear that I did unplug the power while moving. I let it stand for 10 hours without power then tried it again but still not working. Any other suggestions?
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