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Hi Gary!
GC> I would like to install an electical outlet in my attic. My attic GC> already has lights installed on the beam that runs along the peak. GC> The wiring comes up into the attic from inside one of the walls, where GC> the roof meets the attic floor. The attic floor is made up of boards GC> screwed down, which I can easily remove. There are no walls in the GC> attic, or any studs running from the floor to the roof. GC> GC> I am wondering where the best place to install an outlet would be? I GC> thought the best idea might be putting in a floor outlet. Another GC> possibility would be to put one overhead, near where the lights are GC> installed, facing downward.
I don't think I'd face the outlet downward: you mentioned vacuuming which means the cord will be moved around, possibly wiggling out of the socket.
Might also be a good idea to have the outlets on a different circuit than the lighting ==> if you blow the outlet circuit you'll still have light!
GC> Also, are there any special codes I might need to follow, since the GC> temperature and moisture levels are much more extreme in an attic, and GC> there's always a possibility of a roof leak developing that might drip GC> into the outlet.
Don't think there are any special considerations but will leave that to the others to tell. Have storage areas rather than an attic here (the house was originally a story-and-a-half) and haven't had any problem with the wiring I added. Some of the wiring to overhead lights and outlets is run through the storage areas and I didn't notice anything special/different about the wire nore the junction boxes.
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