Instaling Outdoors Floodlight with ground wiring.

Not so sure if this topic has been covered before (probably some variation on it though), but I'm wondering about installing a new Floodlight with sensor above the garage door and the implications of providing proper ground wiring to the floodlight chassis.
The closest existing power point for the floodlight switch is next to garage door, and I intend to draw power for the floodlight from this point with only 3 - 4 metres of electrical wiring running up and to the side of the brick wall. However the existing power light switch has only neutral and active wires, without ground - not unusual for lighting with plastic fixtures. However, the floodlight installation instructions recommends grounding of the metal chassis. So what is the usual and simple way of providing extension of ground wiring to a point that has no existing ground wiring ? There is a power socket another 2 metres away that has proper ground wiring. Should I use this to provide the extra ground wiring for the external floodlight ? If this were the case then my concern is how to make extension of ground wiring discrete and unexposed to tampering etc. Or is there a more simpler way ?
Thanks in advance for any hints or tips etc.,
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