Ideas for improving washing machine lint filtering?

I have an Amana Heavy Duty Washer that is top loading and has a built-in se lf-cleaning lint trap between the inner and outer tubs. The lint trap is no where near as effective as lint screens used to be at removing the fine lin t from the water. The result is that clothes end up looking dingy after a f ew washes due to tiny fibers of other colors that aren't quickly removed fr om the water weaving themselves into the fabric as the water washes through the fabric.
Once this happens, there is no way to undo it. The clothes are effectively ruined. They appear to be faded, but under a magnifying glass, you can see that the faded appearance is not due to loss of dye, but rather from off co lor fibers accumulating in the fabric.
In reading various boards, the lowered effectiveness of these new self-clea ning traps seems to be a common complaint though few seem to realize what i t is doing to the clothes versus their sewer lines and septic tanks.
So, my question is does anyone know of an effective aftermarket solution fo r pulling fine lint out of the water? Is there perhaps some device that can be put into the water that will catch it more effectively than the clothes ? Or is there some simple way to add a filter inline to the circulation mec hanisms of these machines?
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