how high is too high for residential water pressure?

I'd go thru the expense of having the house supply pipe increased in size. You probably have a 1 inch now. Have it increaded to a 4" or even a 6". Then get a quality pressure booster and increase the pressure to around 2000 lbs (one ton per square inch). Then run 2" galvanized pipe to your shower. You'll be in for a treat.
PS. when you first turn on the pressure booster, watch any old copper pipes. They may blow up like a balloon as the pressure rises. When they do, be sure to shut down the water and replace these pipes. The other thing to watch are cheap faucets. They could blow right off the sink, puncture the ceiling and blast a hole thru the roof. Additionally, they may land as far as 5 miles away. so you may never see them again. Finally, when you flush the toilet, be sure to put on a raincoat, and shut off any bathroom fans. We all know what happens when the shit hits the fan.....
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