Holes in stove

OK, I was all set to reply to the mice in the oven posting when i got bumped off line. I thought there was a way to find previusly read threads but I forgot how. I winder if anybody will read this, I wonder why they would want to? S'anyway, definatly turn that oven on and fill the home with the delightful Holiday aroma of roasting rodent urine. Not to mention the delicious flavor the droppings and urine in whatever insulation is left will add to that turkey. When we installed and turned on an unused but older double wall oven that had been stored unboxed in a warehouse for several years we immediatly turned it off! We took that thing outside ran temp power to it and set in on self clean for a looooong time. Even then there was a hint of nature about the thing when first turned on for several months. Instead of covering all those ventalation holes with sheet tin, how about hardware cloth? Use short self tapping wide headed screws and no hole drilling. Careful not to screw into a gas line. You can cut and roll cylendars to stuff into crevices. cylindars..no uh sealing wa...no no awwww round tubes!
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