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DJ> I need some advice on how to search for a hidden electrical box. I DJ> tried contacting the builder but he is in federal prision for fraud so DJ> that was a dead end. DJ> DJ> I moved into a condo this Spring and occupy the lower level of a 2 DJ> level building. I do not have any fixtures in the ceiling in my DJ> bedroom or main living area. I do have some in the hallways. DJ> DJ> I bought a Stud finder with AC finder and Metal finder as well. In the DJ> bedroom it picks up a metal piece almost exactly in the center of the DJ> room, the AC finder also seems to pick up a signal.
Would seem logical a box may be there. Can you trace the wire from this ceiling box to a switch?
DJ> I do have a switch DJ> in the room that doesn't seem to do much but turn on one socket in the DJ> back of the room (the other plug in the same socket is always live).
Normal switched outlet: switch controls lamp plugged into switched outlet, other outlet for clock/whatever.
When the switch is off does it also shut off the signal being picked up by the AC Finder at box in ceiling? To me that would be a good indication of a hidden box.
DJ> In the front room I found 2 metal pieces along one long stud in the DJ> center of the room. Along the stud the AC finder also seems to give me DJ> warning the entire length. One of the metal pieces is almost in the DJ> middle of the room, and near the front entrance i do have a light DJ> switch that controls nothing.
Good indication of 'hidden electrical box' -- does the AC signal go on and off with the do-nothing switch?
DJ> I looked at the other condos and I don't see too many with fixtures. DJ> Could a box be up there? I've got a pretty unique finish on the walls DJ> and it's not something I can replicate so I am afraid of making a big DJ> hole. Even if I made a small one I'm not sure poking around with a DJ> pick or nail would tell me much.
Largish decorative plate if your lead doesn't pan out? Thinking along the lines of what they use to put around ceiling fans ==> round ornate piece. Not sure what to put in the center to fill in the hole.
If you made a small hole seems you should be able to fill it so it wouldn't show unless looking for it; make the hole in a naturally darker section of the finish such as a recess. The hole only has to be enough to stick a piece of wire about 5" in (boxes are about 4" deep plus the thickness of the ceiling's drywall).
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