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Hi Tim!
T > Hello all. My wife and I own a 3/2 single story home, 1100 square T > feet. T > We are thinking of adding a second story to increase the living space. T > There's not too much room to add outward, hence we thought a second T > story would make the most sense. T > The home was built in 1948 and is a post and beam construction with a T > crawl space. The current roof is a rafter style construction and T > there is one large load bearing wall running through the middle of the T > house.
Probably the hardest part is going to be determining where the stairway to your new second story is going to be, or is this the "3/2" part? House here is "1" story and there was finished stairway to the room in the attic.
Last summer we added a master bedroom and bath above the dining room addition a previous owner had built on to the back of the house. Definately get a contractor who should get an architect to determine loads and other design specifications. Contractor should also obtain all the necessary permits, obtain electricians, plumbers, roofers, drywallers, etc. You can do your own painting, hire your own carpet installers.
T > Is it a major deal adding a second story to a post and beam home, i.e. T > jacking up the house to reinforce the beams, etc.. etc..
I'm thinking not much of a problem but don't know the details. Presume it boils down to the contractor ripping off the existing roof and plopping a second story (with roof) up there. You might be able to add a foot or so to the existing footprint with cantilevered construction -- house in the next block over did that.
BTW, expect some additional settling. The dining room addition here was also built over a crawl space (the original house has a basement) and it appears with the additional weight there was some slight shifting in the DR: just enough to rip the wallpaper at a couple of drywall seams.
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