ground water drainage and flooding garage

My garage is at a low point in the yard. Its only a few inches lower than the ground around it but that is enough. It floods when there is medium or heavy rain. There is concrete on 3 sides of the garage. The driveway is flat and the same level as the garage floor. There is a drain in the driveway that works, but since the driveway is flat it doesn't drain into the drain very well. There is a flat concrete area behind the garage which is up against the back of the garage and may be part of the garage foundation, I'm not sure, I haven't cleaned it off and taken a close look. On one side there is a walk which slopes toward the garage and can probably be dug up and moved. The other side is a narrow piece of grass and the neighbor's fence. The rest of the back yard is a couple inches higher than the garage floor and driveway. So the question is, how can I get the garage to stop flooding?
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