GE Washer fill tube sprays wrong direction

Hi all. Read a few posts here and figured you guys might be able to help me out.
I have an old (pre-1995) GE washing machine I got from my folks. It had been sitting in their basement for about 10 years. Everything seemed to work fine, but while it filled, water leaked out onto the floor.
I popped the top and found out that the tube that fills the tub with water was spraying in the wrong direction; it was like the way a garden hose acts if you cover half the end with your thumb. It sprayed in such a way that it was directing water into the overflow tube, and thus caused water to leak onto the floor.
For safety reasons, of course, we don't want to block off the overflow tube. For the time being, some creative duct taping has solved the problem. However, I can't figure out what is causing the tube to spray like that. I can't find any debris in the end of the tube (at least as far as my finger will go).
Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be causing the blockage/redirection of water?
Thanks in advance.
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