gas line for stove

Bull....its not. BTW...Im in NC, and we do this all the time. In NC, the homeowner cant do this legally shop around and find someone that will come out and look it over and give you a QUOTE, not an estimate.

It depends on the company, the city you are in...Charlotte, Raligh and Greensboro are the higher rated areas. You are going to need a secondary regulator, shut off valves and proper lines to each run. It depends if the company runs black pipe, or stainless flex. Cost is about the same...the labors less on the flex, cost of the steel is pipe is cheap, but labor is very high. Permits are a must in NC. Only a licenced contractor that is certified in gas can pull them. Permits are fairly cheap. Expect anywhere with permits from $250 up, depending on how long the run is, where it will go, etc.

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