Gas boiler keeps shutting off at night

Hi, all.
Our gas boiler keeps shutting itself off after we've all gone to bed. By
the next morning, we have no heat and no hot water. We have to restart
the boiler every morning.
We had *two* plumbers out here to try to fix it, but they both failed to
fix it. The problem is still there.
Are there any non-obvious causes of this behavior that the plumbers may
have failed to notice?
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Steven L.
There's no pilot light. I guess you'd say it's electronic.
I should mention: Before the plumbers came, the boiler was shutting off every 3-5 hours! They replaced a sensor and increased the water pressure, and that helped. But it's still shutting off every night, or whenever we're away from our home for a long period.
Which makes me wonder if we should try increasing the water pressure even higher, or if the thing is overheating when we're not using a lot of hot water (such as at night or when we're away).
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Steven L.
you need to find out what the controller thinks is wrong.
Does it have a flashing signal light?
look up the code
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