Frosts and ice on the win

C[> In winter... From inside of the house, my windows (bottom half) got a lot C[> of frosts and actually ice at bottom which are big enough to put in my cokeC[> no kidding. How can I prevent water from condensing? I know it's due to C[> temperature difference between heat vs cold temp out there.. but is there C[> any solution? Do those transparent windows sealing kit from Home Depot C[> help? cos that stuff adds additional layer of air.. any suggetions?
Part of the problem is the humidity is too high -- I used to have a similar problem when I lived in an apartment and boiled water for spaghetti, coffee/tea, etc. Wouldn't get "ice cubes" like you do but a film of ice.
Another part of the problem may be the windows themselves. Are the old, single pane, or perhaps double-pane but cracked? Budget yourself for replacement windows in the spring.
As for the window insulation kit, I've seen some window frames damaged because of adhesive residue. This was 15-20 years ago.
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