Follow-up on San Antonio school student RFID tracking

Follow-up on San Antonio school student tracking
NBC News had a segment Sunday evening on the school we discussed several days ago that is using RFID tracking.
I was wrong. Sorry. They do track the student within the school. not just at the exits. The narrator said so and they showed video of the video screen which showed 10 or 15 sets of concentric circles, the center of each was plainly a reader. There were colored circles with a larger circle of a different color around each small circle. I suspect the small circle represents the area in which they can say for sure a student or his card is, and the bigger circles are used in triangulation, but I'm guessing.
One or more of the kids objected or had parents who objected on religious grounds. It said in the articles quoted that they thought tracking them was putting the "mark of the beast" on them. I thought it was the mark of the student or of the RFIID. I'd be surprised if anyone here agreed with their notion, even those who occasionally post religoius screeds. But that's Texas.
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