fibered roof question

My ashphalt shingle roof is in need of replacement. My new neighbor, who
claims to be some kind of roofing professional, told me I could "get another
couple of years out of it" by essentially painting it with fibered roofing
tar. Is this suggestion anything like true or is my new pal setting me up
for a major replacement come next year?
The question is more for discussion than anything, since I am about 80%
certain I'll do the roof anyway.
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replacement. My new neighbor, who
If you've got 2 or more roofs up there, you'll be tearing off. IMHO, the "bucket of tar" mentality has no place on a pitched roof (4/12 or steeper) and only increases the difficulty of tearing off, especially around chimneys and vent pipes. Looks like crap, and makes a mess, too. Follow the instructions, written on every bundle, especially the parts about flashing! Tom Someday, it'll all be over....
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- Nehmo - He might be right, but if you can afford to replace the roof, that's the superior solution. Then, assuming it's done right, the problems are over for maybe 25 years.
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Nehmo Sergheyev
Sounds like your friend is the kind of roofing professional that shows up unannounced on a Sat in a pickup looking to do home repairs. He puts a quick coat of crap on your roof and disappears with your money.
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Chet Hayes

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