Emerson Electronic Air Cleaner Problems

Tried this in alt.hvac but no luck ... I'd sure appreciate any thoughts from anyone about what to try ....
I have an Emerson Electronic Air Cleaner - SST ... and have been having some problems. Current symptom: operating light does not come on when blower runs. This is one of those units where there are two removeable charged cleaning cells. I was hoping someone would be able to give me some pointers of what to do next
What I've done:
1) confirmed the power supply was bad ... replaced the power supply and the air flow monitor. After I re-assembled it ...
2) the operating light flickered on and off during operation. I thought there was a bad cell, so I ...
3) tested each cell individually by placing it in the duct, braced it with a spacer to hold it in place, and then put the power pack back on and operated it. Unfortunately (sorta) they both ran ok. Operating light came on strong and steady when it was supposed to. I say unfortunately because now I don't know what's wrong.
4) So, I figure, they're dirty. I soaked both for an hour plus in hot water with Wisk added and manually cleaned all the ionizing wires to get any build up or little lint balls off them. Closely inspected all the plates-- nothing bent, nothing touching each other, nothing lodged between them. Rinsed all down, let dry for about 3 hours, and re-assembled.
5) Worked great. Operating light came on strong and steady when blower ran, turned off when blower turned off. Watched it through several cycles. Everything looks great.
6) Came downstairs this morning just to be satisfied that everything was working right, and .... no light. Blower's blowing, and no operating light is on.
Now I don't know what to try ... any suggestions? Thanks .... Scott
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