Emerson fan controller problems

I have three Emerson fans (Odyssey) with the SW375 receiver. While I was installing them, I had continual problems getting the receivers to recognise the wall controls; they would often accept the code-learn once, work momentarily, then fail to respond. Nothing but swapping in a new receiver from the pile would fix it. Then, mysteriously, the used receiver would usually work fine in the next installation.
Ultimately, I had three fans working with the wall controllers. Then one fan, which ran at low speed almost continually during the warm months, seemed to lose a motor speed channel. Everything worked and it accepted speed commands (with an acknowledging beep), but it only had two speeds: 1-5 were all the slowest speed, and then 6 was the max speed.
So I ordered a new SW375 and an SW330 hand-held controller to add to another room. And the same mysterious "you can't make me work" problems cropped up again.
First I tried to code-learn the remote to the family room fan. It appeared to work - the receiver beeped when I pressed the learn keys - and it worked long enough for me to turn the lights on once. Then it stopped responding to both the remote and the wall controller, and no amount of powering off, on, code-learning, etc. would make it work again.
So, *sigh*, I installed the new SW375 and after a few tries it learned both controllers and is now working. Then I went to swap the removed receiver into the bedroom fan that had the failed receiver... and it won't learn the controller in there, either.
I really don't think the receiver is bad; I had this happen at least three times and simply throwing the stubborn receiver back in the pile for a while made it work on the next installation. So my questions boil down to this:
1) Is there something specific and known that causes Emerson SW375 receivers to get confused and "locked up" like this?
2) How do you force it to reset or unlock or forget improperly learned controller codes?
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