Emergency money saving tips!

Many people are in a *very* tight fix financially with these high gasoline prices. Here are some ways to cut expenses. Some of these things are not pretty, but if you want to survive, might just need to do some of these things.
How to lower your standard of living 101...
1. What are your most important priorities? Examples: -Water. -Food. -Shelter. (Along with the things you need to obtain these like: Job, transportation to job, etc.)
2. What are your *least* important priorities? Examples: -Going to movies. Don't go. -Unnecessary driving . Make a list, buy a months worth of what you need - make one trip. Carpool to work. Ride bike, walk. -Eating at restaurants including fast food. Eat at home instead. -Buying name brand products. Buy in bulk or generic. -Cable or satellite TV. Have it disconnected. -Phone or cell phone. Have it disconnected. -Trash collection. Discontinue service, take your trash to dump or transfer station yourself. -Bath/shower. Several people use same bath water, or take shower every other day, or not on weekends (an electric water heater can equal 30% of your electric bill). -Heating or cooling whole house. Get window A/C and cool just one room - Electric space heater and heat just one room. Close off unused rooms.
3. What can you do to reduce your monthly expenses? -Refinance mortgage at lower interest rate. -Get higher deductible on insurance which will lower rates. Shop around for best rates. -Get 2nd mortgage on home - pay off credit cards and cancel them (saves on interest charges). -Get roommate to share expenses. -Install "Energy Star" double/triple pane gas filled windows. -Install heavy curtains. -Add more insulation to your home, especially attic. -Get new "Energy Star" appliances which save on electricity and/or hot water like: air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine. -Get used high MPG car. List here... http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/byMPG.htm -Other energy saving tips... http://www.energystar.gov -Group on this subject: misc.consumers.frugal-living
More... http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=frugal+living&btnG=Search
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