Electrolux ESF 2435 dishwasher

Hello, My electrolux dishwasher started acting wierd the other day. I heard a strange humming sound and after 2min the sound was located and the dishwasher was the guilty one.
If i turn on the dishwasher it just start humming and nothing happens (does not take in any water or anything - just the humming sound).
I took it apart and:
-Checked for loose connections -Checked the pumps for any junk -Cheked the switch for the door -Checked the switch that shuts down the dishwasher in case of leak -Checked the solonoid for the water
I have located the humming noise to this thing :
It is located on the watertank but what is it? The noise stops if i take the wires of it.
Another problem that it looks like it has blown all the diodes control box
Any idea on what could be the problem? - is it just the control box thats fried or is something else that has fried it? The new price is 220USD for a new control box - if it needs replacement then i would be cheeper just to scrap the dish washer
Anyone got an idea?
Regards, Dennis
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