Easy sanding primer revisited

A couple of weeks ago I posted asking for suggestions for a wood primer that sanded very easily, dried fast and built up well.
There were a number of suggestions but the one that sounded best to me was Sherwin Williams' "Easy Sand Primer". The MSDS confirmed that it was very similar to the International brand primer that I had used years ago so I called the local Sherwin Williams store. They had never heard of it, showed no interest in ordering it, so I called the SW store in the next (larger) town; they had heard of it but didn't have any. I didn't bother asking about ordering it.
I wound up with Zinsser's BIN. Being shellac base, it dries fast. Sands easily too but doesn't build quite as much as I would like; nevertheless, two coats gives enough to sand down to a thin, flawless surface assuming the wood has been adequately sanded before painting.
I just sanded and top coated it with enamel (oil, natch) this AM. It would wind up better if I had spray equipment but even brushing will be fine once it dries and shrinks.
Thanks to everone for the suggestions.

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