Dyson, DC4, cyclone assembly; All 7 tubes have stationary rotors?

Here's the part: http://www.dyson.com/Parts/C/Cyclone/DC07CYCTOP-ANI.aspx?pid 07-ANIMAL_ US
I've taken off the very top of this assemble so that the top of each of the cyclone tubes, where they narrow, can be viewed. I rinsed everything wate r to clean out all the dust and dirt.
When you look down into the tube from above, you can see that some of the 7 tubes have stationary "fans/rotors" at the bottom, designed I think, to sw irl the air. Only 3 of the 7 tubes have them. I'm guessing they should al l have these and that over the years they've been blown out. But but I don 't know.
Does anyone know if the "fans/rotors" should be there or not?
I'd like to see an exploded view of this cyclone assemble but I have not fo und one.
New is $80.
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