Dremel Saw Max, Left Hand Blade

I was watching a commercial for the Dremel Saw Max. Part of the voice over says "with an unparalleled view of the task at hand".
The reason they say that is because the blade is on the left hand side - the same side as the eyes of a user operating the saw with their right hand. Since most of us are right handed it makes sense that the blade should be on the left side to make it easier for us to see the cut line.
I have been using (and recommending) a left blade circular saw for over 10 years. Mine is a Porter Cable, but there are other manufacturers that make them. I was introduced to left blade saws while helping a framer who was building his own house. He suggested I try his saw and once I did I bought one and never looked back.
I highly suggest that you check out a left blade circular saw the next time you get a chance. Since the blade is on the same side of the saw as your eyes - assuming you are right handed - you don't have to lean over the saw to see your cut line.
It seems like Dremel is considering left hand blade saws as possibly the new standard for saws.
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