concrete countertop project

All the pictures from my concrete counter project can be found on my website below. While I was working on this I was in dire need of examples and suggestions. During that time I was unable to find very many. I hope this helps someone else working on a similar project.
The undermount stainless sink, stainless faucet & soap dispenser, 800 lbs concrete, rebar, forms, dye, wood for framing, grinding pads, and misc supplies ran me about $1650 for the whole project. After I addes a slate backsplash for about $250. Aside from the mess it made I was extremely pleased with the results. It would have easily cost over $4000 had I paid someone else to install all this or had I gone with a marble countertop. If you decide to do your own take one from my lessons learned and DO NOT pour these in place. This translates into wetsanding inside, which makes a horrendous mess! Casting them outside and getting 4-5 friends to help you move them is definately the way to go. 8
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