cheap fix for leaking metal roof and wood rot

I have an old metal roof on an outside porch extension and a tree hit it and caused several leaks. No holes, just a ripple effect. I got some bids for power washing and sealing with a rubberized coating and it was about $1000. The roof cannot be seen by neighbors so cosmetics were not an issue and I fixed it the following way for about $40.
1. elastomeric paint; 25$ 2. extension pole; shop around some of these are only 15$ 3. brush for pole 4. mini roller with round 'end' for getting into the corners. I could not find a 'wheel' roller with threads on the end.
Brush off the debris, use leaf blower to blow off grit, etc. Hose it down and let dry. Wait for 3 days of sun, then glob on the elastomeric paint into the seams [there were about 15, each about 15' long, that had to be treated]. It does not have to be spotlessly clean to stop the leak. I also put the elastomeric goop on any screw heads I found.
Voila, fixed.
I also figured out how to fix a small rotted section of wood below one of the leaks with that 'wood hardener' solution by miniwax. You get a basting syringe, the one people use for turkeys, and inject it into the wood. When the rotted section is above you, under an eave, its hard to daub it on with a brush correctly. After a few applications you can then apply the miniwax wood putty and paint.
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