Changing Thermostat - Aprilaire 8336 to Honeywell RTH7400D

I am trying to change my Heat Pump (RUUD "Achiever 14" Model Num: UBHK-21J14SFA) thermostat from the basic A8336 to an Energystar RTH7400D. I have read on this news group that you seem to get what you pay for in a thermostat and that honeywell was the way to go.
I chose the RTH7400D (5-1-1) becuase it has support for AUX heat, as my current system does.
When taking the cover off the Aprilaire, i see that i have the following things wired:
Block 1 C (wired) L (not wired) R (wired)
Block 2 Y2 (not wired) Y1 (wired) E (not wired) G (wired) W2 (wired) O (not wired) B (wired)
The new honeywell shows the following destinations:
Block 1 C G Y O/B RC R
Block 2 AUX E L
The manual for the honeywell specifies that if i have a W1, Y1 and W2, some modification may be required.
I want to be sure that i do this properly as to not adversly effect the $6K heat pump that i just put in about 2yrs ago.(ok, had put in... if i had put it in myself, i would not have to ask....)
My contracter said they would not help me over the phone, but for a mere $100, they would send someone out.
I know this group is full of HVAC Guru's! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks In Advance.
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