Caution using Sears garage floor paint

Had good experiences with Sears Epoxy Floor Finish years ago, so I figured I'd go with their newer product since it was on sale. All these kits of garage floor paint these days appear to be water based formulations and the kits when mixed make up one gallon of paint. The claimed coverage is naturally about 20% less than real world, so figure that in. So it comes out to $50-62 a gallon depending on brand. First thing that seemed a little strange was the Sears hardener, having grains of silica sand as part of the hardener formulation, not a separate additive. I've used sand sprinkles in these finishes before and they definitely don't last very long in traffic areas in addition to making it impossible to squeegee water off the floor. Figured I'd live with it, maybe it will work better with these new formulations. Major aggravation, though, when we picked up the last gallon kit the hardener had no silica grains. Same product number on the box, with and without. Since it was a second coat it didn't really matter that much, as the grain patterns aren't too different to the eye, and after all it is a garage. So advice from here is to decide whether or not you want sand grains in your paint and ask the clerk to open the small can in the kit to see for sure whether it is or isn't what you want. The presence of the silica is quite obvious. As for the silly terazzo sprinkles they include, I think I'll see if they would make a fancy potting soil for a plastic rubber plant. Cheers
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