cant turn off tap

I just turned on the tap for the shower and cant get it to turn off (turned
off at the mains for now)
What to do? how to sort?
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S wrote:
Have to remove the stem from the tap. LOosen large bonnet nut.
Probably get more UK-specific answers on this group:
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Speedy Jim
What type of tap single 2 handle post picture if you can, could be handle, cartridge adapter need more info or least what Iam dealing with
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On older faucets, the screw that holds the stem washer on can back out and get wedged between the stem and the seat. This will physically prevent you from fully shutting off the faucet.
Remove the stem, retrieve the screw and put it all back together, using new washers, screws, etc if desired.
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Sev....cheaper to hire a plumber than a load of plastic bottles and a lorry...dumbass! You should enter politics with that mentality.
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Simple repair or so it seems. Most likely the washer inside valve is shot. If you can get the valve apart, you should be able to find and replace its washer.
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franz frippl

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