Boiler element - Whirlpool RS630PXK

I have an older Whirlool electric range, Model RS630 PXK.
Its about twenty years old.
I have a "Use and Care Guide" and an installation manual.
I have previouly replaced the bake element on the bottom of the oven. Its a simple replacement, two screws off, pull out the socket the bake element goes onto, pop off two connectors from back of socket, put connectors on new bake element, put ocket back against rear of oven wall, replace two screws.
I need to place the broil element at the top of the oven.
The broil element connections look nothing like the bake element connections. Broil element rods just sort of disappear into back of oven, no hint of how / why / where the rods connect to the 208 / 220 v lines, no apparent sockets.
Nothing in the install manual.
I really dont want to just pull on the old broil element. I'm sure I can get the old one out ustby pulling, but I have no idea how t get a new n in. I'm really concerned about not matcing up t connectors and leaing a 208 / 220 live connector just "floating" in thinsulaio behind the oven wall. Not only would I have a non working broiler, but I am concerned about a shock / fire hazard if I can't get the new broiler element inserted into the "hidden" socket.
Any ideas welomed.
And yes, the breaker are off before touch anhing in the stov.
And no, I can't find anything on the Whirlpool web sit.
Ayody have any experience with this type replacement?
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