Bidet (is that the right word)? posted for all of us...

I didn't read all replies so far but there are two separate issues.
Do you use the correct TP for septic systems? Charmin and and the other ones will clog like you describe. Look for ones that say safe for septic systems on the wrapper and are NOT colored. The wrong TP also does not break down as easily and will build up in the tank. If it is lodging in the piping then it not properly sloped or there is some kind of obstruction. Also don't flush improper objects: tampons, wipes... If you really want to be clean buy the cheap wipies for peri care and throw them in the plastic bag the store gives you and dispose. Do not flush wipies that say they are flushable. They are for travel only where they are probably connected to a municipal sewer system. Even they have problems with this type.
How often do you get it pumped?
Bidet: Do you want a wet butt under your undies?

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