attic door hinge

One of the hinges on my attic door got bent all out of sorts. I tried straightening it in place but that was impossible so I took it off by force to either repair it or replace it.
With the help of a vise, a hammer, and a Crescent wrench I have managed to get it almost new. However when removing the hinge, the pin that holds the elbow to the attic entrance and adds support snapped off. I have removed the plate that held the pin and will have to put it back when I can replace the pin with something else. The plate is 3 inches square with 4 mounting holes. The center is raised with a hole in the middle where the pin was welded or riveted.
Whatever I use to replace it must be flat-headed and possibly smooth-shanked for the hinge elbow to ride on. I'm thinking of using a flat-headed screw with a nylon locknut underneath to keep it secure. Maybe using a normal nut on the head side to keep it in place and extended a certain amount and a metal hollow spacer that the screw would go through.
I don't know if I have explained it clearly. Hopefully others may have some suggestions also. Lowes doesn't carry the hinge and they want me to look through a catalog so they could possibly order a replacement through the manufacturer.
No matter what happens someone will find a way to take it too seriously.

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