25hp Kohler ran out of oil

Hello. I have a 25HP kohler riding mower. Recently I cut an acre of 3' tall grass over the course of around 12 hours. Once I finished I decided to let it idle for a few minutes with the blades on to get grass to fall off. During the 2 minutes, the mower shut itself off. I confirmed then that there was gas. Every time I had then tried to restart it, I would just head a loud click from under the seat. So I replaced the starter Solenoid, after which is would at last spin the engine. I then realized that it was out of oil so filled it back to full. I checked and replaced the spark plugs, and then confirmed that the plugs were both sparking. Battery is getting a good 12.5-13V. Could something have been damaged during the time it ran without oil even though the engine is seemingly not ceased? I also did try to spray the carb and intake with carb cleaner while attempting to start.
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