Where to buy those cloth blankets for new lawn planting?

A few years ago I bought a couple of those thin white cloth-like woven sheets (like Tyvek, but not Tyvek) ~ 9' x 9' that are sold as a substitute for straw for use when one is planting a new section of lawn. These things work great. They diffuse but don't black sun-light, keep moisture in, and keep the birds out, and when the lawn starts to grow, you just pull the cloth up and store it for the next use. Only thing is the cloth is fragile and eventually tears.
I'd like to buy more of these cloths, but the store I bought mine at no longer sells them and I can't find another source. The local garden supply store guy knows of them, but his store does not sell them. I can't even remember what the things are called.
Anyone know where to get these things or what they are called?


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