Vines growning from within bushes?

I have vines growing up in the middle of my bushes. What to do?
They look bad.
At least once a year, I rip or cut out parts I can see, but that still
leaves the stems and they grown back.
Some have grown 20 feet up the trees that are in the middle of the
How can I now use, or have used herbicide, without killing the evergreen
bushes that surround them?
What did I do wrong in the first place?
There are also two trees, some kind of fir and an arbor vitae in the
midst of the bushes, which have a picket fence on the far side. About
once a year, I crawl under the bushes and remove litter that blows from
up to 100 yards upwind and gets stuck under the bushes. Sometimes I've
cut off the vines near the earth when I'm there, but that doesn't remove
the roots or a couple inches of stem. Could I have done more?
(Mostly litter that escapes from the garbage cans when being emptied
into the garbage truck. At least the litter can't be seen (except a
little from the yard next door, if they bend down) and it doesn't grow.)
First step after ripping or cutting out the vines is to throw them on
the ground. Can I just leave them to be cut up by the lawn mower or
can more vines sprout from the chopped up stems and leaves?
A small part is English ivy. That doesn't look so bad, but .... Does
ivy kill the trees it grows on, or do dying trees attract ivy? So far
these two trees look okay, except one has snow damage, but another tree
that I didn't care about** had both a lot of ivy and death.
Coincidence? **Heavily snow damaged, and a tulip tree had sprouted 12
feet away that is 20 feet tall already.
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micky writes:
Ivy is one of the worst. Kill it whenever you see it. I used to think it was attractive so I let a patch grow near my garage. A year later I see ivy leaves inside the garage. It came right through the wall.
For your evergreens, remove the lower branches so you can see the trunk(s). Then a weed whacker or just pulling is much easier. Plus it's easier to keep clean.
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Dan Espen
In, on Sun, 13 Sep 2020 11:08:30 -0400, micky
Thianks for the answers.
If I get the vine trimming doen today, this is today's problem:
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micky writes:
In a normal temperate climate they'll die. I understand Kudzu in a stream will sprout but most vines give up the ghost unless buried back into soil.
Here in NJ I'm battling Virginia Creeper, Honey Suckle, Poison Ivy, Ivy. I find the Honey Suckle hardest to conquer.5cc
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Dan Espen
I cut the vines back as you have done and apply neat Roundup to the cut top of what remains in the ground.
Works fine.
Didn't pull the vines out when they were still very small.
Yep, apply neat Roundup to the stubs.
Yes the cut up stems can do in theory. Not the leaves tho.
> A small part is English ivy. That doesn't look so bad, but .... Does > ivy kill the trees it grows on, or do dying trees attract ivy? So far > these two trees look okay, except one has snow damage, but another tree > that I didn't care about** had both a lot of ivy and death. > Coincidence? **Heavily snow damaged, and a tulip tree had sprouted 12 > feet away that is 20 feet tall already. >
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Joshua Snow
In, on Mon, 14 Sep 2020 04:14:28 +1000, "Joshua
Interesting. I never heard of neat Roundup, and no one sells it, but there are pages that refer to it.
Roundup itself says iit is Roundup PowerMAX Concentrate or Roundup Tough Concentrate
But these are hard to get in one-family size. What do you recommend?
One seems only for sale in 2.5 gallons for $80. . The closest thing I found is Roundup Tough Ultra Cconcentrate 500ml. I guess ultra means even more concentrated, and it says 500ml makes enough for "1500m2, equivalent to 6 tennis courts." I think I need about one square meter.
I suppose I could spray the rest on the yard, but the yard is doing okay except for a little creeping charlie. I think I killed most of that with someething else, and will kill the rest next spring. And I'd have to buy a sprayer, when I'm trying to get rid of things, unless the sprayer that attaches to the garden hose would work. Darn.
Probably if they're buried, not just sitting on top of the grass, the cut grass, and maybe the dirt.
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In article, NONONOmisc07 says...
I would not cut the vines back too much. Trim them some and then use a brush to paint the leaves of what you want to kill off. It may take a week or so for the vines to die.
Instead of just looking for Roundup look for anything that has Glyphosate in it. That is mostly what Roundup is. Be caeful about getting it on anything you want to live as it kills off most everything it touches. It is absorbed by the leaves and goes down to kill off the roots.
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Ralph Mowery
Its readily available here, but it is a rural town whose main industry is irrigated agriculture.
Yeah, it isnt cheap, but you should be able to buy some with others etc.
When you apply it undiluted to the stubs in the ground after cutting the vine off, that area covered doesn't apply.
Sell the excess to one of the neighbours with the same problem you have.
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Joshua Snow
In, on Sun, 13 Sep 2020 11:08:30 -0400, micky
Thanks for all the helpful advice about annoying vines.
I came across this probably sponsored by Monsanto, but anyhow:
What Foods Have Glyphosate?
Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch (830 ppb) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Maple Brown Sugar (566 ppb) Nature Valley Granola Cups, Almond Butter (529 ppb) Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios (400 ppb) Nature Valley Baked Oat Bites (389 ppb) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Oats and Honey (320 ppb)
More items...Feb 20, 2020
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This would explain why there are no vines growing in my Cheerios.
Not that they are only parts per billion!
Oh, the article says this is a bad thing. I guessed wrong. And the url is clearly not by Monsanto.
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In, on Tue, 15 Sep 2020 05:22:37 +1000, "Joshua
I was thinking of that. Advertising on Next Door, but then for some reason instead of looking for Roundup or some other brand, I just googled home depot glyphosphate
and what did I find, only , 16 ounces. Grass And Weed Killer Glyphosate Concentrate for only $11.33.
formatting link

But maybe more amazing is that for $11.95, 62cents more, I can't get twice as much.
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 I don't think of Compare N Save as a brand to search for!! ;-)
And pick up at the store in 5 to 8 days, but free delivery in 7 days, on a product that only costs $11.33. I once had something shipped to the store, Hoem Depot, and I thought it would come to them wth the regular deliveries, but when I picked it up, I think it had UPS or USPS packaging, so if they're going to do that, they might as well ship it to me.
Using their own search page found the 2 things above and even found a RoundUp product
formatting link

that mentions glyphosphate a little, but no %ages
I guess not. :-)
BTW, I already have triclopyr in one of t he Ortho products I bought, that attaches to the garden hose, which means it's concentrated. So I'm good for various kinds of vines.
I never knew one could kill them this way.
It's a shame because I didn't know how to stop it and I let the Creeping Charlie spread and just choppped it down with the lawn mower, but it's made my lawn lumpy. If I were a new owner, I'd dig up every lump or rototill the whole yard or whatever it takes to start over. But I'm not doing that.
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