Piling snow around tree trunks - good, bad, or neither?

I've been keeping a circular area of my backyard clear of snow under a
maple tree by using a snow blower to concentrate the snow closer to the
trunk of the tree. I've probably gone overboard doing it. The pile is
roughly 4 feet in radius and about 5 feet high. Now because this is
snowblower-blown snow, it becomes more dense when it's piled up, so this
is becoming quite a heavy and dense pack of snow. The tree is about 18
- 20 inches diameter at the base, and about 12" diameter at the level
where the snow is currently piled up. This is a sugar maple, if that
matters, and (naturally) there is no road salt or other chemicals in the
The canopy of this tree (and hence it's roots) extends far beyond where
the snow has been piled up, so I don't think that oxygen availability
will be an issue.
I'm wondering if this snow pack can cause any harm to the bark of the
tree - perhaps not for the next month or so, but come april if the snow
pack is still in contact with the trunk. This tree doesn't really leaf
out until early may, if that's a factor.
Along the same lines, there are 3 shade-master locusts in the circular
boulevard of our court. Their trunks are 3 to 4 inches in diameter.
The circle is 50 ft diameter and is currently covered with an average of
about 2 feet of snow-blower-blown snow. So these trees also have snow
packed around their trunks. There is no salt used on our court - only
sand, and only occassionally.
So my question about snow packed around tree trunks applies to those
trees as well.
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Lawn Guy
All areas under trees are supposed to have the snow cleared in a spiral pattern. I think it's code.
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Do you mean to say that you love your snow blower so much that you do it just for fun? Come on, admit it.
I used to make a path around the house for place for the dog to run and crap. Then I also made one so I could use the back door and the cellar door. Actually made a circle for the dog a few weeks ago, moved south and don't have to do it very often.
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Tony Miklos
The reason I'd have to do that is to clear a spot for the dogs to piss/crap. Most likely pile the snow near a tree. In fact I did just that but not with a snow blower. Still not enough room for the dogs, but I got tired. I'll be piling more snow around that tree soon. You clear 2 feet of snow from 4' x 8' foot area, you get 4 feet of snow on a different 4' x 8' area. Easy to bury a tree trunk. I don't worry about the tree. They get buried by snow all the time and come out fine.
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Vic Smith
Those are some serious creds, Red. Red creds...I like the sound of it.
I always wanted to get accredited, but I was working and could never find the hour necessary to study, take the test and make the continuing payments to the school. You're a lucky man.
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Lawn Guy wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@Guy.com:
OIC, you're just making this up so you can troll. YOUR non-answer is noted.
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No don't worry, I was just trying to think of a silly reply to the "run and crap" because it made me laugh. As for the past tense, he went with the ex and I was happy that way. Like my old neighbor said to me, "What good is a dog that doesn't come when you call him?". Now I have a dog that chose me, and most of the time she is very obedient.
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Tony Miklos
Well, it's all good then. Glad to hear it - though it was nice of you to shovel a crap-lane for the pooch.
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The tree is dead. You just suffocated it to Death.
You'd be better off piling snow around your other trunk. The trunk of your car. This would prevent those drunk driving tickets I keep giving you.
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