Toro 20017 problem

I have a toro self-propelled 20017 mower[almost 3+ yrs old] and it has
suddenly stoped self-propelling. The engine starts without any
It takes a lot of strength to move the mower.
I heard a loud pop before it stopped working. Blade is ok.
I will start working on it tomorrow, will check the belt first.
Is there anything else I should be looking at?
Thank you for your help.
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kuzya wrote in news:kuzya.6528d66
Yes, you should be looking at the warranty. When I bought my Toro, it was warranteed for five years. Of course you could void the warranty by mucking with it yourself.
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Larry Weil
Depends on how they do the drive. Does it use a belt and pulleys only or does it also use an actual transmission to set the speeds, as some do? If it's just the belt type, then besides the belt it could be the cable has come loose or broken, or a spring or other part of the moving mechanism has failed. If it's the tranny type, then besides all of the above, it could be the tranny. On my Sears the belt/ mechanism is under a plastic cover on the top of the deck and the cover easily comes off with two screws.
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