My New Chamomile Lawn

I was searching for some advice on maintaining my little chamomile lawn
and came across all kinds of conflicting information - so I thought I'd
post a progress report and see what help I'd receive.
I have a lawn of about 9 sq metres next to a pond which I planted last
year with little plants grown from a few packets of seed (from
Chilterns). It was quite late in the summer by the time they were ready
to go in, but they survived the winter and are now growing happily.
There are still gaps between the plants and weeding is a problem. I also
have overhanging trees near the site which produce all kinds of debris -
the pine needles are a particular nuisance. The slight tackiness of the
plants makes removal a bit tricky. I was thinking of giving it more
protection in the autumn - a net wasn't enough - a polythene canopy for
a few weeks perhaps?
The other issue is the edge next to the pond. I was told the lawn
wouldn't like getting too damp so I'm experimenting with plants don't
mind getting their feet wet, but haven't yet found any that look good
next to the chamomile - any ideas?
Sue H
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Sue Holt
I'm starting to be able to answer some of my own questions - and as people seem to keep reading this, perhaps they are also searching for answers!
The gaps are still there - they were caused when I neglected to remove a few large leaves in the autumn. There are also gaps at the edges where the protective netting settled down a bit.
I've decided to grow some more plants to plug those areas.
I've also discovered that any flattening which occurs as a result of walking on the lawn, picks up overnight - probably more quickly than long grass.
Weeding has become easier - and its quite enjoyable as the scent is stronger when the plants are disturbed.
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Sue Holt

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