Strawberry-like weed in lawn

Would anyone know what kind of weed the photos below show?
It's some kind of trefoil weed, I think, because the leaves come in sets
of 3. And sometimes this weed produces a red thing that looks like a tiny
You can see the thing resembling a strawberry in the first photo. Someone
told me, though, that this weed is definitely not wild strawberry, but
they don't know what the name of the weed is.
I'm also wondering if I should pull this weed out of my zoysia and fine
fescue, or leave it? Is this weed nitrogen-fixing? I don't pull white
clover out of the lawn because the clover is a beneficial nitrogen-fixer.
And the third question: What are those small yellow-orange spots on the
bottom of one of the leaves in the third photo? Is it some kind of
fungus? If so, can the fungus spread from the weed to the grass? If
the fungus can spread to the grass, how would it spread--would it take
simple contact or something else?
Here are the 3 photos:
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very much.
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Don't ask advice from that person anymore. ;)
It's not a legume.
The photo's out of focus, but they look like aphids to me.
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Eggs Zachtly
I found the answer to my first question. This weed is called "Indian mock-strawberry" (Duchesnea indica), according to the Weed I.D. guide found at:
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link above to the University of Missouri's weed I.D. guide provides some excellent photos of this weed. The University's guide is awesome--very well done.
This weed differs from wild strawberry in several ways, among them is the color of the flower. Wild strawberry has a white flower whereas Indian mock-strawberry has a yellow flower. (Great photo of the flower on the site too.)
This is a perennial weed with stolons.
Eggs Zachtly, thanks for answering Question numbers 2 and 3 though.
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